Soap + Wash

A Sophisticated Solution

soap + wash is the classic amongst dispenser systems. Given all the considerable advantages it has to offer in terms of functionality, reliability and easy maintenance, it is the best-seller – today more than ever before. It’s practical, economical and environmentally friendly. These plus points will be of lasting value in every hotel.

An Impressive Success Story

soap+wash is a bestseller among the dispenser systems and is an impressive success story. With more than 50 million cartridges sold worldwide over the past ten years, this unique dispenser system is the first choice for international hotels.

Customers like Best Western in Switzerland, Germany, France and Guyana are impressed by its time-saving handling and total cost transparency. Guests at the Hotel Riu Plaza in New York appreciate its ease of use, environmentally friendly packaging and high quality.

Practical – Environmental

A practical system with easy handling

  • A unique valve system integrated into the cartridge
  • Non-drip
  • Sturdy
  • Theft-proof

An environmentally friendly solution

  • Can be completely emptied
  • Bottle made of recycled PET
  • EU Ecolabel-certified assortment with environmentally friendly content and made of recycled material

An economical and efficient dispenser system

  • Fast, clean cartridge replacement
  • Low housekeeping costs thanks to easy handling
  • Available in both 300 ml and 330 ml bottle content
  • Economical dosage, content lasts for approximately 3-4 weeks
  • 30-50% more economical compared to standard portion sizes